WATCH: Daniel Kaluuya Responds To Logan Paul's Criticism of Nope

10 August 2022, 13:38

Daniel Kaluuya claps back at Logan Paul

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By Capital FM

Daniel Kaluuya clapped back at Logan Paul after the social media personality called his new movie Nope the 'worst film of all time'.

Daniel Kaluuya joined Capital Breakfast to speak about his new science fiction horror film, Nope.

During the chat, Sian brought up the recent 12-Tweet-rant criticising the film by boxer and social media personality, Logan Paul.

Within the thread Logan labels the movie as the 'worst film of all time' as well as describing Kaluuya's part as 'the most mundane, vanilla character I’ve ever seen.'

When asked whether he'd seen the thread, Kaluuya responded "Logan Paul, God... we going to talk about this?"

“Why is his opinion top of the tree? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but what’s he done in cinema? Imagine if they asked me about Eric Clapton.”

“I’d take everyone’s opinion on, I’ll listen to it but I’m just going ‘I don’t know why you over everybody else.'

“I’m happy to sit down with him… actually would I sit down with him? Nah actually that defeats the point, I wouldn’t sit down with him."

Daniel Kaluuya responds to criticism
Daniel Kaluuya responds to criticism. Picture: Station owned

Do I sense another celeb boxing match on the horizon!?

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