Did Kim Kardashian Actually Spit On Tristan Thompson During Khloe Kardashian's Birth?

17 April 2018, 11:51 | Updated: 17 April 2018, 11:53

Tristan Thompson Kim K Spit Asset

Another day, another addition to the scandaaahl that is Tristan Thompson cheating rumours. This time people are saying some serious shade went down between Kimmy K and Khloe's baby daddy at the hospital!

The internet is a colourful place, isn't it? 

It's the land of no filter, where small time rumours can blow up into globally acknowledged truths and the yodel kid can be singing in an aisle of a supermarket one day and standing on stage at Coachella the next.

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And there is quite literally nothing the internet loves more than a juicy slice of Kardashian drama - which is constant, unbelievable, and on the whole, usually turns out to be true.

However, the latest story which has seen the Twittersphere whip themselves up into a frenzy comes from Black Press Radio in America and has really has pushed people to the limits of what they see as possible.

They split the tea all over the place by suggesting Kim Kardashian actually spat on Tristan Thompson when she saw him at the Cleveland hospital her sister Khloe was giving birth in.

People rushed to imagine Kim, the usually cool and composed straight-faced 'I'm literally dying of laughter' social media kween storing up a big wad of saliva to neatly splat onto the basketball player for doing the dirty on her sister... with numerous different women.

We know that family is always first when it comes to them, so was the rumoured spit-ball Kim's fury at how heavily pregnant Khloe had been treated in front of the whole world, or is it a fantasy dreamt up by the internet? 

Well, the KUWTK cameras were rolling the whole time, so we'll find out sooner or later!

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