Huge Twist Planned For Shane Dawson's Documentary On Jake Paul

12 September 2018, 11:43

After Shane Dawson released the trailer for his documentary, 'The Mind of Jake Paul', one YouTuber confirmed there was a huge twist.

Shane Dawson has produced several documentaries before, but his latest one, 'The Mind of Jake Paul' is set to be his most shocking yet.

The YouTuber launched the trailer across social media, teasing the release date 25 September 2018, but one fellow content creator, Peter Monn, alluded to a big twist.

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In a video - which Shane, himself, shared, saying "peter drops a hint about the series!" - Peter Monn said there was a huge twist to come, but he wasn't willing to share details of exactly what.

The documentary is set to follow Logan Paul's brother, Jake, and record the mad antics he gets up to.