Machine Gun Kelly just got a bloody slit tattooed down his throat

22 April 2021, 11:32

Machine Gun Kelly gets shocking new neck tattoo

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Machine Gun Kelly has officially added another tattoo to his vast collection.

Machine Gun Kelly is known for having a lot of tattoos and his latest addition (a red line going right down his neck) is, um, interesting…

On Tuesday (Apr 20), the 'Bloody Valentine' singer shared an Instagram post captioned, "bye, bye neck." The collection of images showed MGK's new tattoo – a thin red line going down the middle of his throat, which scarily made it seem like he'd had his throat slit.

He also included a video of himself right before the tattooing process was about to begin. "If anyone has ever liked my's gonna look different," he said, whilst the tattoo gun buzzed in the background. He then tweeted: "Yatted the neck. sorry."

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Machine Gun Kelly just got a new neck tattoo
Machine Gun Kelly just got a new neck tattoo. Picture: Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images for dcp, @machinegunkelly via Instagram

But why would anyone want to make it seem like their neck has been gruesomely sliced open, you ask? Well, MGK hasn't actually confirmed the true meaning behind his inking but we can only imagine it's symbolic.

MGK has around 80 known tattoos and each have a special story behind them. He has "RIP B Arnold" on his right arm in tribute to his late grandmother, Jessica Rabbit on his right bicep representing his fantasy woman and a red fake wound on the lefthand side of his chest signifying when somebody ripped his heart out.

One of his favourite tattoos, however, is of a red double decker bus. MGK revealed the story behind it on GQ's Tattoo Tour in 2016, he said: "I got hit by a double decker bus in Manchester. At like 7 in the morning we were looking for weed and I saw some guys and I was like, 'That guy looks like he would have it for sure. Took one step into the street and [crash sound].

Machine Gun Kelly has around 80 tattoos now
Machine Gun Kelly has around 80 tattoos now. Picture: @machinegunkelly via Instagram

"The bus was going full speed. The whole front of the windscreen was cracked, like spiderweb. I woke up on the ground, my clothes were ripped, and I tried to run away. I was so messed up I thought I did a crime or something."

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