KSI Vs Logan Paul Rematch: All The Details Inc. Dates, Venue & More

3 January 2019, 10:31 | Updated: 3 January 2019, 10:36

KSI Logan Paul Rematch
KSI Logan Paul Rematch is coming soon. Picture: Instagram

When is the KSI and Logan Paul rematch? Youtube stars set to fight again after their first match was deemed a 'majority draw'.

KSI and Logan Paul's first fight ended in a majority draw... so what's the next step? To have a rematch of course!

After their six round slugfest, the two YouTubers decided they'd 'give the fans what they want' in order to finally decide for once and for all who is No.1 when it comes to who is the true boxing champ.

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KSI has already stoked the fire when it comes to their rivalry by asking Logan's then-girlfriend Chloe Bennet whether she'd like ringside tickets to the rematch.

Where will KSI and Logan Paul's rematch be held?

As with traditional boxing rematches, it is likely the fight will take place in one of the competitor's home countries. With the first match taking place in the U.K, it seems like it is only natural for part two to be held in the U.S.A.

When will the rematch take place?

It is highly unlikely that it will be in 2018 after both KSI and Logan Paul have been training relentlessly since the start of the year for the first fight.

Both YouTubers will undoubtedly take a rest before any official arrangements are made.

In early 2019, KSI released a video “Since the fight, Logan has been chatting a lot of s**t - I mean, I didn’t expect anything less, to be honest.”

He also revealed that after all negotiations and a venue for the match are finalised, the likely date for the rematch will be around November 2019.

There had been talk of the fight happening even as early as February 2019 on Wikipedia however these claims have since been rubbished.

The details of the contract from the first match were also leaked online claiming the date for the rematch

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KSI Logan Paul Fight Contract
KSI Logan Paul Fight Contract. Picture: Michael Benson/Twitter

How can I get tickets to the KSI and Logan Paul rematch?

No doubt there'll be more updates on KSI & Logan Paul's official website regarding tickets for the rematch.