JoJo Siwa confirms she's in a relationship

31 March 2022, 11:30

JoJo Siwa shares TikTok with rumoured girlfriend Katie Mills

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Is JoJo Siwa single? Who is she dating right now? Here's what she's said about her current relationship status…

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JoJo Siwa has confirmed that she is officially off the market.

In 2021, JoJo Siwa split from her ex-girlfriend Kylie Prew after several months of dating. The 18-year-old was then linked to Katie Mills. Although neither JoJo or Katie ever confirmed their relationship, they sparked romance rumours after sharing several TikTok videos and attending a basketball game together. However, soon after Katie's transphobic and pro-Trump tweets resurfaced JoJo declared she's single.

On Wednesday (Mar 30), JoJo hinted that her relationship status had changed on TikTok after duetting a video she had made at the beginning of the year that stated she was single. People in the comment section immediately caught the subtle clip and concluded that JoJo must have found love again.

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JoJo Siwa confirms she's in a relationship.
JoJo Siwa confirms she's in a relationship. Picture: Alamy, @itsjojosiwa via TikTok

Well, JoJo later opened up about her relationship status on the Rachel Uncensored podcast and confirmed she is indeed taken. "We're not single. I say 'we're' because it's me and my multiple personalities within myself… I am not single and I don't want to mingle. No, I'm a loyal lady," she explained.

JoJo also suggested that she would wipe her bio on social media, leaving only a lock to symbolise she's in a relationship (apparently, an open lock means that you're single).

While JoJo didn't confirm who she is dating, she said she's "happy" with her new love interest. She added: "Listen, I went around the block. I tried a lot, and I learned a lot and I'm very, very, very happy where I am now."

Elsewhere on the podcast, JoJo also opened up about kissing a girl for the first time. "Kissing a girl for the first time? I didn't Google it, no, I didn't even really know what was happening or that it was going to happen," JoJo explained.

"I knew that I wanted it to happen but I realistically didn't think that it would. The first girl that I ever kissed was Ky. She was my best friend for like a year and I felt really comfortable and chill around her and then it just… magically happened. It was just so natural."

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