Yolanda Hadid Posts Photo Of Zayn & Gigi's Little Girl To Instagram Calling Her An 'Angel'

12 January 2021, 10:09

Gigi Hadid thankful for her 'angel' grandaughter
Gigi Hadid thankful for her 'angel' grandaughter. Picture: Instagram @yolanda.hadid

Gigi's mum, Yolanda has posted a snap of Zayn's little girl to Instagram, letting the world know how blessed she is to have the 'angel' in her life.

Zayn and Gigi's little girl has been posted to Instagram by Yolanda Hadid who is counting her blessing for her first grandchild as she celebrates her 57th birthday with her family.

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As the famous family enjoyed a bday celebration of sushi, Gigi's former model mother couldn't help but gush about the love she feels for Gigi's daughter, who was born in September 2020.

Yolanda wrote: "My birthday blessings."

"When I woke up this morning and counted all my blessings in life this little Angel was ranked #1."

"It’s a whole new feeling, I’m feeling a part of my heart I didn’t know existed."

"I always knew she was crazy for her grand kids but this is the first time I truly understand the depth of how much she loved my children and how blessed they were to have her influence in their lives."

In the snap, Yolanda is holding baby Zigi who is wearing a cream baby grow and a fluffy hat who is turning away from the camera- we are yet to see a snap of their little one, or learn of her name.

It is unclear whether Zayn was present at Yolanda's birthday celebration, but he has been living with Gigi on her mother's ranch ever since the start of lockdown and the 'Vibez' singer is incredibly close to her family.

Gigi, 25, made a heartfelt post about her mum, writing:

"Celebrated mamma’s bday tonight @yolanda.hadid."

"Every year, I think I couldn’t love, look up to, or learn from her more — and then I do."

"She’s the best mom and Oma we could ever ask for. So blessed. I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Wishing you the best year."

There's always so much love in the Hadid household- we're still holding out for an invite one day!