Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams Has 'Proudly' Sought Mental Health Treatment

18 July 2018, 11:51

Michelle Williams Mental Health

Michelle Williams has been open about her struggles with mental health, and has now admitted she's sought professional help in a heartfelt Instagram post...

Michelle Williams, one third of Destiny's Child has posted a statement to her Instagram, telling her fans that she recently sought help from a team of professionals for her mental health, something she has previously admitted to struggling with.

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In the post, Michelle says she's 'listened to the same advice I have given thousands' and taken steps to look after her wellbeing and is proud and happy to share her experience with the public.

She spoke about her struggles with mental health last year in an interview with The Talk, admitting she suffered with depression and suicidal thoughts during her time in one of histories biggest groups alongside Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

The star has been flooded with messages of support for being so open about seeking help, and many are calling out the 'bullying' she endures for years after Destiny's Child split up.

She's an absolute queen and we're so proud of her being open and honest and setting such a great example! <3.

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