From Cheryl To Bieber: Pop Stars Who Can ACTUALLY Rap Something Fierce!

Who knew these stars could push aside their pop roots and flourish as rap Gods and Goddesses.

It doesn't matter how much we love to hear Biebz busting out a classic pop anthem, there is always something a little special about hearing the main man himself delve into the world of rap. We've compiled this sweet video of the biggest artists around all giving it their best shot at a rhyme or two.

What's better than Cheryl absolutely killing the Spice Girls' 'Wannabe' verse (in a good way) or Alessia Cara nailing the 'What's My Name?' rap even better than Drake himself? NOTHING!

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Charlie Puth Drops The Ballads... For Hardcore Rap In Instaoke!

We're just putting it out there but on the evidence of what we've just seen, surely Meghan Trainor's next album needs to be a 100% pure hardcore rap record, right?!

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