CBB's Paul Dannan Causes The House To Be Evacuated With The Most Stupid Mistake In Big Brother History

3 August 2017, 12:21 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Fans couldn't beieve what they were seeing!

After a tense night of meeting new people and being thrown into the Celebrity Big Brother house, either Paul's nerves got the better of him or he genuinely doesn't know what a fire alarm looks like, because he managed to set off Big Brother's one accidentally.

The video above shows the former Hollyoaks actor attempting to get into the Diary Room but failing majestically. Check it out now for some serious lols...

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Of course when something like this happens, people jump straight onto Twitter to share their thoughts and some of the responses to Paul's accident were pretty funny, although a few people thought he may have done it on purpose...

With the show only just beginning this week, we're slightly ocncerned about what other horrific mistakes Paul might make during his time in the house.

Does he know that the pool isn't a bath? Will he be confused about the bed situation and end up sleepin g on the sofas?

We hope his stay is slightly less accident-filled from now on, but sadly this error has to go down as the most stupid thing to ever happen in the CBB house.

Sarah Harding has already been talking about a previous toxic relationship in her life and revealed the real reason she went into the CBB house during a chat with Paul...

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