"I Think We'd Still Be Happy" - Love Island's Cara Reveals Why Her & Nathan Split And It's Totally Relatable

27 April 2017, 15:09 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Cara and Nathan split


It’s the sad truth about a lot of break-ups - that you finish the relationship and then don’t speak again and it seems that it’s not just us normal people that fall victim to the silent treatment. 

Love Island’s Cara De La Hoyde who won the show with her now ex boyfriend Nathan Massey, has revealed that the pair haven’t spoken since. 

> Love Island 2016's Cara & Nathan Have Broken Up & We're Completely Heartbroken

In a new interview, the brunette admitted that they maybe moved too fast. 

“People would tell us we were moving too quick and, on reflection, they were right. When we came off Love Island, we were thrown into this world where we were known only as a couple and everything centred around being that couple”, she revealed.

Cara moved in with Nathan in Essex just two months after leaving the Love Island villa and says that it proved difficult to be away from her loved ones, which lead to explosive rows between the couple. 

“I didn’t have any of my real friends or family around me, whereas Nath did. So I was in the flat all the time, and you just get agitated”, she went on to explain.

But in news most heartbreaking of all, she revealed that the couple “haven’t really spoken to each other since then. My mum went to pick my stuff up from the flat”. 


“If I was given a magic wand, I’d go back to our time after Love Island and we wouldn’t have moved in together. We’d go back to dating and take it slower. I think then we’d still be happy”, she finished. 

We’re still praying for a reconciliation.

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