Dua Lipa Has Spoken Out Against Bullying At Her Shows After Reports Emerge Of A '50 Year Old Man Assaulting' Fans

20 October 2017, 17:09 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Dua Lipa

We are here for this.

Dua Lipa is loved by many thanks to her sassy music but also the way that she loves and defends her fans. 

She’s regularly spoken out for the LGBT community, as well as trying to prevent bullying where possible.

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And now, it seems, that Dua has had to take matters into her own hands whilst she’s been on tour. 

The singer tweeted during the European leg of her tour that “bullying won’t be tolerated at my shows. This is a safe place. Security is aware. If you feel threatened, find them and they will handle it”. 

Fans were totally in awe of Dua’s outspoken nature, taking a stand and the way that she defended her fans. 

According to fans, it seems that a man has been assaulting people during Dua’s concerts in Germany, including her Munich show. 

Whilst another fan insinuated that her show in “Bournemouth was full of bullies, funny how the bullies also think they are the ones not doing the bullying”. 

Other fans tweeted that “some people’s behaviour is inexcusable at shows” and “thanks to ur wonderful team for handling this situation so well”. 

Whatever is going on, we’re so glad that Dua Lipa is trying to make a safe place for her fans to enjoy her music.

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