Sam & Ellie Enjoy A Steamy Bathroom Hook-up In The Big Brother Toilet & People Are So Over It Already

17 July 2017, 11:52 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Turns out pretty much no one wants to see these two lock lips after all!

A stylish house, lovely weather and couples having fun and getting up to all sorts whilst the cameras roll...nope it's not Love Island.

The Big Brother house has been bathed in glorious British sunshine for a while now and whilst the Love Island contestants may regularly be getting frisky on screen, none of the BB housemates have yet done the deed in the house.

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The one couple on the show though, Sam and Ellie, have been getting very hot and heavy in the toilet and in the pool (just check out the video above) although it turns out that most people don't want to see that!


Yep, whilst everyone is lapping up the Love Island friskiness, a bit of smooching in the Big Brother house has almost put people off watching!

Just check out these incredible reactions from the viewing public about Sam and Ellie's lip action...

With Love Island coming to an on 24th July, but Big Brother continuing until 28th, it seems people may have to deal with the realisation that Sam and Ellie could be the only kissing couple on our fave evening reality shows for almost a week!

Let that sink in.

Talking of kisses in the BB house, remember when Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson entered the house earlier this series and snogged Kieran?

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