Fans Slam Bella Thorne For "Exploiting The LGBT Community For Publicity" After Posting A Pic Of Her Kissing Another Girl

26 September 2017, 17:24 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Bella Thorne is being slammed by LGBT for kissing


If you’re ever in doubt that Bella Thorne does whatever she wants, then look no further than her latest rumoured relationship. 

She was recently linked to blackbear and previously dated Gregg Sulkin, Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey but has been open about her sexuality and identifies with being bi-sexual.

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But after photos have emerged online of the actress getting with YouTube star, Tana Mongeau, fans of both sides are hoping that this relationship is a keeper.  

These photos come after Tana tweeted about wanting to date Bella - however, neither have actually confirmed their relationship. 

However, Bella has said in the past that she is open to having a girlfriend and has expressed her attraction towards Disney Channel star, Dove Comeron, multiple times on social media. 

We say all this but we had no idea that Bella and boyfriend, blackbear, were even on the way out.

What's more though is that fans seem to be unimpressed that Bella has publicly posted this photo:

Remember when Bella split up with Charlie Puth but still danced (awkwardly) to his song on the radio?