WATCH: Bazzi Corrects His Own Wikipedia Page

12 September 2018, 11:22

Bazzi has scoured his Wikipedia page and set the world to rights once and for all.

Bazzi, the 21 year old singer from Dearborn Canton, Michigan has had a look at the errors on his Wikipedia page and decided it is finally time to take matters into his own hands.

The singer, who has a brand new collaboration with pop queen Camila Cabello has confirmed he did in fact learn the harmonica, oud and guitar as a kid but had to correct his date of birth naturally.

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Bazzi has already amassed thousands of followers on social media and is extremely close with his fans not only through his music but his Twitter account too.

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Not only was Bazzi able to link up with Camila Cabello in the studio, he was the support act on Justin Timberlake's most recent tour proving the Michigan local is hot property in the music biz right now.