Zayn & Harry Styles Rock Similar Custom Outfits Thanks To Shared Love Of Designer 'Bode'

17 March 2021, 12:17

Harry Styles and Zayn rock similar outfits thanks to shared love of designer
Harry Styles and Zayn rock similar outfits thanks to shared love of designer. Picture: Getty Images/ Splash News

Zayn and Harry Styles haven't interacted much ever since One Direction but have a shared love for fashion and one designer in particular as they're spotted rocking similar outfits.

Zayn Malik rocked a custom Bode jacket on his 28th birthday party and eagle-eyed fans noticed it was incredibly similar to a pair of custom trousers Harry Styles wore for his groundbreaking Vogue spread back in late 2020.

Obviously, the two former One Direction singers serving the same lewks and obsessing over the same designers makes fans incredibly happy, especially since they both take such pride in their style and kill every outfit they're ever seen in.

So, let's look at these style kings and their similar love for these quirky, custom clothes.

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Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have a shared love for designer, 'Bode'.

Zayn's birthday jacket was a bright mustard colour, custom decorated with all of his favourite things including the cover art of his third album, 'Nobody Is Listening', Star Wars and a marijuana leaf.

It immediately rang a bell for fans, who remembered seeing Harry in a similarly coloured pair of trousers filled with his favourite things including the butterfly he infamously has inked across his chest.

Both items also had 'BODE' emblazoned on them, who is the luxury designer of both items- and this is by no means the first time they have been spotted in their pieces.

From Harry's SNL 'sheep' vest to Zayn stepping out in a Bode jacket last Valentine's Day with Gigi Hadid- they've both made it clear they're huge fans of their clothes.

Zayn loves the brand so much, he spoke about them in a recent interview he did with GQ.

He said: "I’m not too concerned with names, if I like clothes, I wear them."

"But yes, I like Bode because the clothes are handmade and they are unique and unusual pieces."

Zayn wears a Bode jacket on Valentine's Day 2020 with Gigi Hadid
Zayn wears a Bode jacket on Valentine's Day 2020 with Gigi Hadid. Picture: Getty

As anyone who knows the two singer's, they haven't had a whole lot to do with each other ever since Zayn quite 1D back in 2015, carving their own musical careers and personal lives.

However, their shared love of luxury menswear brand 'Bode' still bonds them together through fashion, so much so fans have even branded the pair 'Bode besties', which definitely has a ring to it.

If this was a romcom, we'd hope the pair would meet up to make the custom outfit complete, but we're pretty sure that scenario will only come true in our dreams.

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