Zac Efron Fans Rally Round Actor After Surgery Claims Over 'Changed Face'

28 April 2021, 14:14 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Zac Efron fans rally round actor after 'altered face' sparks surgery rumours
Zac Efron fans rally round actor after 'altered face' sparks surgery rumours. Picture: PA/ Facebook Watch

The internet is wondering why Zac Efron's face appeared to look so different raising suspicions of surgery, but fans are supporting the actor and telling people to back off.

Zac Efron has set tongues wagging with a recent appearance where his face appeared to look different than usual, sparking surgery rumours and a whole lot of internet chat.

However, many are rallying around the Greatest Showman actor, urging people to be kind and remind others speculation can be harmful to the person it is about.

So, let's look at some of the conversations around his altered appearance and the support he is receiving from fans around the world.

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Why do people think Zac Efron has had surgery?

This whole surgery saga has been spark by Zac, 33- who has been a staunch campaigner against climate change and a host of other environmental causes for years- recording a video of himself for Bill Nye's Earth Day special on Facebook Watch.

People immediately took to Twitter to question why the High School Musical star looks so different, pointing out his jaw looks considerably wider than usual and lips could also look different.

Zac Efron's appearance on Facebook Watch sparks surgery claims
Zac Efron's appearance on Facebook Watch sparks surgery claims. Picture: Facebook Watch

Why are fans supporting Zac Efron during surgery claims?

Although it can seem like harmless speculation, people are pointing out that unrealistic beauty standards do not simply exist for women, and should Zac have opted to get cosmetic procedures, and keep it private, it is completely up to him.

The star has also been a fierce advocate for social causes and many are pointing out that maybe more of a focus should she be placed on this.

One fan said: "Will not tolerate Zac Efron hate on my feed."

Another demanded: "LEAVE ZAC EFRON ALONE!!!"

Another pointed out this isn't the first time Zac has suffered comments and scrutiny on his looks (despite being one of the best looking humans on planet earth- but that's beside the point) as his Netflix show (all about sustainability) sparked people to talk about his appearance.

They wrote: "i feel really bad for zac efron actually. people were being so awful about his looks when his lil wilderness show was on, despite the fact that he literally looked fine."

"People can’t accept that he’s not going to look 21 for the rest of his life."

Points were made.

All in all, it is interesting to the internet's divided reactions over Zac's appearance, and we hope he is happy regardless.

Oh, and continues his incredible work for the earth!

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