What Is A VSCO Girl? The 'And I Oop' & 'Sksksk' Trend Explained

1 October 2019, 13:04

Introducing the VSCO girl
Introducing the VSCO girl. Picture: Instagram @emmachamberlain

Make way for the VSCO girl, her hydro flask, her oversized hoody, and her excellent skin care routine.

Wave goodbye to the Tumblr era teen and say a big 'and i oop-' to the VSCO girl, the latest Gen Z trend to sweep social media, the name of which is taken from a filter app that's become super popular on Instagram

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Known for their laid back style that includes baggy hoodies, crocs and plenty of bright colours, the VSCO girl loves an iced coffee and has come to be associated with viral internet videos and memes, including phrases 'and i oop-' from Jasmine Masters's amazing YouTube vid, and 'sksksksk' which is basically just a keyboard expression for anything ranging from funny to awkward.

However, as explained by Buzzfeed, "sksksksk didn't start with VSCO girls. Like most slang, their favo[u]rite phrase originated in the black community, although it has since been co-opted by other groups as well [including Stan communities].

If you're in need of an example to help get your brain around this latest phenomena, influencer and VSCO girl Emma Chamberlain has over 8 million Instagram followers and epitomises everything to do with the movement.

Her page shows her laid back lifestyle in LA, with religious iced coffee drinking, posing in front of angel wing murals, chunky trainers, denim shorts and a very millennial sense of humour.

Celeb wise, think along the lines of a mash up of Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and Hayley Kiyoko's aesthetics and healthy living lifestyles- who have definitely been rocking a lot more Crocs lately.

Shopping wise, you're pretty much headed over to Urban Outfitters- or shopping vintage on Depop or Etsy to buy the latest scrunchies and pastel coloured backpacks, forget heels, it's all about Vans from here on out!

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