TikTok Of Americans Discovering Lidl Is Making Brits Laugh

23 June 2020, 16:20

Lidl opens in the US and people are seriously exicted
Lidl opens in the US and people are seriously exicted. Picture: TikTok @vyetnemese

Lidl has officially landed in America and people can't get enough of it, making TikTok's of the foreign supermarket with crazily cheap prices and the treasured 'middle aisle'.

Brits are getting a good laugh from American's who are only just discovering Lidl, as the super cheap European store lands across the pond and people are marvelling at the cheap prices, huge option of pastries, and of course, the infamous middle aisles.

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One TikTok user, @vyetnemese, documented their first trip to a Lidl store that had opened up near them, saying 'a new store opened up nearby...apparently its European...so much fresh bread and pastries..each week they sell random cheap things..."

They then posted it was only $1.68 for a french baguette, which really tickled Brits, as they're even cheaper over here!

Some people can't believe they've gone so long without the shop letting them know they've 'been missing out' and letting them know they're going to love it- the Lidl love is real!

Others are confused and wondering if American supermarkets don't have bakeries in them, as almost every single food shop over here has a pastries and bread section, we'd know, it's the first section we head to every single time we shop.

What's a shopping trip without an almond croissant?

This one lady summed it up incredibly well- no longer will an American have to go to different shops for oranges, gilets, bread and hovers, and now, they finally have the luxury of getting it all in one place, for hella cheap.

She wrote: "America has just gotten Lidl- for too long they've had to go to separate stores to buys fresh oranges, gilets, wine, foot baths, picnic baskets, boxes of CHAKOLAT bars, pyjamas, tents, mini hoovers, fresh bread, CRANCH KRIZPIEES, bee-keeping masks & unicycles. I wish them well."

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