What Is Next For Nick Jonas As He Releases Latest Solo Music 'Spaceman'

25 February 2021, 15:24 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Nick Jonas returns to his solo career, so are the Jonas Brothers over?
Nick Jonas returns to his solo career, so are the Jonas Brothers over? Picture: Instagram @nickjonas

Nick Jonas is releasing music as a solo artist once more, so what is in store for him and does this mean The Jonas Brothers are over for good? Here's what 2021 could look like..

Nick Jonas is set to return to solo music after reuniting with his brothers Joe and Kevin to re-form The Jonas Brothers in 2019, so does this mean they are over for good?

Announcing his solo single 'Spaceman' along with a double duty slot on Saturday Night Live (being both the musical guest and host) it is clear Nick is back as a solo musician.

So, let's take a look at what 2021 could have in store for the star...

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Has Nick Jonas gone solo...again?

Let's get you up to date quickly before diving in...

Nick who is now 28-years-old, has been in the 'biz' since he was 15-years-old and was thrust into the spotlight as part of the J-Bro's in Disney's Camp Rock.

As a trio they went on to achieve global stardom and certified heart throb status before they went their separate ways in 2013 after things got a little tense and Nick quickly forged a seriously successful solo music career.

He had hits including 'Jealous' and 'Close' before everyone's dreams came true in 2019 when the brothers burst back onto the scene with 'Sucker' and 'What A Man'.

However, it seems like their time as a group has been put on the back burner and Nick is ready to be the leading man once more with his upcoming solo track 'Spaceman'.

There has been no official word of The Jonas Brothers breaking up or disbanding and their Twitter page has even been promoting his upcoming single, so it looks like they're all cool and in agreement with Nick's solo persuits!

Fans are even making light of their group page promoting Nick's tunes- so we're assuming they're making the best of both worlds which we love!

Does this mean Joe or Kevin could be cooking up their own solo music too?!

It's 2021, if last year taught us one thing, it is that anything can happen...

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