Love Island USA Instagram Handles: Follow The Cast Of Series 2!

7 September 2020, 18:47

All the Love Island series 2 Instagram handles
All the Love Island series 2 Instagram handles. Picture: Love Island USA

'Love Island USA' las landed in the UK as series 2 airs on ITV2, so, let's meet the cast and find their social media handles so you can have a good old stalk!

Love Island USA has officially landed in the UK, airing on ITV2 every night from 7th September to save us all after our summer series was forced to cancel as the pandemic was proving too difficult to allow filming to go ahead.

Love Island USA: Release Date And Where To Watch The New Series In The UK

Lauren Coogan

Brit alert!

Yep- you haven't scrolled onto a different page, there is a British contestant heading into the villa in the form of Lauren Coogan, a 29-year-old Oxford native who lives in LA.

Instagram handle: laurencoogan

Calvin Cobb

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Q u a r e n t e n a

A post shared by Calvin Cobb ©️ (@calvinonthecobb) on

Instagram handle: calvinonthecobb

Caleb Corprew

Instagram handle: @cxco_

Rachel Lundell

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took enough pics for a year☁️☁️

A post shared by Rachel U. Lundell (@rachlundell) on

The 21-year-old islander is from Minneapolis only has a couple of thousand followers right now, but this is undoubtedly about to shoot up

Instagram handle: @rachlundell

Kierstan Saulter

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Sunday Funday but make it Vegas

A post shared by Kierstan|LoveIslandUSA (@kierstansaulter) on

Jet setting on the reg, Kierstan is one of the most ready-made Love Island contestants from the series, already having 15k followers and posting out those brand deals, we think she'll be right at home in that Las Vegas hotel/villa.

She's a 23-year-old bartender from Texas, and how she's affording to fly on private jets as a bartender, we aren't entirely sure.

Maybe we'll find out on the show?!

Instagram handle: @kierstansaulter

Carrington Rodriguez

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Send me 23 strippers. Thx ♌️

A post shared by Carrington Rodriguez (@c_rod003) on

Carrington is 22, super good looking and extremely ripped, so, is anyone here surprised he's heading into the villa?

He alleges he's closed 'millions in sales' in his job, has been single for a long time and was born in Germany.

He's quickly amassed 14k followers, and you can follow his slightly drool worthy page here.

Instagram handle: @c_rod003

Mackenzie Dipman

Mackenzie, a 24-year-old student from Arizona, is taking her shot at finding love, but with an enormous social media following of over 100k people, we're not sure how she's struggling in that department!

Living a glamorous life, we know she's going to fit right, and turn some heads!

Oh, and she says all her exes are millionaires, so, like, no pressure guys.

Instagram handle: @mackenziedipman

Cely Vazquez

Cely, confusingly, is from Cali[fornia], and is a 24-year-old legal secretary who refuses to download dating apps and prefers meeting guys 'the old fashioned way'.

That is, unless, you get asked to go on a dating show with a large cash prize... but we can forgive her.

She's got 30k followers, which isn't too shabby at all, looking forward to seeing her on the show!

Instagram handle: @thecelyvazquez

Justine Ndiba

Justine cites John Legend and Chrissy Teigen as her ultimate relationship goals, which we do have to agree with.

She wants a relationship, but also a 'friendship' just like they have, so the Vegas villa is exactly where she should be in our opinion!

The 27-year-old Go Go dancer was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide.

She immigrated to the U.S. with her family in 2001.

Instagram handle: @justinejoy312

Moira Tumas

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A post shared by ✨ M O I R A ✨ (@moiratumas) on

Instagram handle: @moiratumas

Kaitlynn Anderson

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pre villa selfies 💙 #LoveIslandusa

A post shared by Kaitlynn (@kaitlynnjanderson) on

Kaitlynn describes herself as a 'small town girl' who has since moved to Vegas, which is handy because that's where the 2020 series is taking place!

She may be a country girl, but she's already managed to bag herself a million followers.

Instagram handle: @kaitlynnjanderson

James McCool

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I need a hair cut 🥴

A post shared by James McCool (@james_mccool1) on

We, like you, are wondering if his legal surname is indeed McCool or a nickname he earned for himself at school.

He's got 10k followers at the mo', but we reckon this is going to shoot up when the series hits the UK, because we do love some tatts.

Instagram handle: @james_mccool1

Connor Trott

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Quarantine 15

A post shared by CONNOR MICHAEL TROTT 🔮 (@trottfit) on

As you may have gleamed from his Instagram handle, Connor is a bit of a fitness freak, so the abs will be out 99% of the time on the show, and this is not us protesting.

He's got 35k followers, and we bet not everyone is in it for the gym tips.

Instagram handle: @trottfit

Tre Forte

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Soff flex...

A post shared by Tre Forte (@tgiforte) on

Tre is 25-years-old and played American Football at the The Ohio State University and is now a personal trainer, so, YES, you guessed it, he absolutely loves working out.

Instagram handle: @tgiforte

Johnny Middlebrooks

Already verified and with 181 followers, Johnny is one of the biggest influencers heading onto the show.

He's absolutely ripped and posts many a' baby oiled snap onto the gram, so we'll get unlimited viewings of these muscles on the show.

Can't wait.

Instagram handle: @johnny_llee

Jeremiah White

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Shredded Summer 🔪

A post shared by Jeremiah C White (@cortezwhite_) on

22-year-old Jeremiah is a retail assistant, so this will be a welcome break from his 9-5!

Instagram handle: @cortezwhite_

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