Liam Payne Talking About His One Direction Bandmate Harry Styles

23 September 2020, 14:41

Liam Payne loves talking about former bandmate Harry Styles
Liam Payne loves talking about former bandmate Harry Styles. Picture: Getty Images/ Liam Payne TikTok

Liam Payne has been chatting about his mate and former bandmate, Harry Styles, a whole lot recently, making Directioners everywhere very happy!

Liam Payne has been out here in 2020 giving fans all the content they could ever want, and has been chatting lots about his good friend and former One Direction band member, Harry Styles, lately, so we thought we'd round up all the stuff he's said so you can eat your fandom hearts out!

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Liam's been listening to Harry Styles's Calm story

Liam took to TikTok live, as he loves to do these days, and gave Harry's Calm story a go to help him relax, and the fandom was absolutely not OK.

After closing his eyes and listening to the 'Golden' singer's relaxing voice, he said: "Special thanks to Harry Styles for giving us his warm tones to get us through the day."

However, the 'Strip That Down' singer seemed to use Harry's dulcet tones to wake himself up, not send him off to sleep.

He said: "This is going to be really weird for me because I’m not used to hearing Harry’s voice in the morning, as much as I used to be."

So, our very own Roman Kemp decided to give Liam a gift of what Harry Styles would likely sound like if he were a personalised alarm clock, and Liam liked it so much, he's going to use it!

Liam Payne reveals what he and Harry Styles talk about when they see each other

The 1D boys have incredibly busy schedules, meaning they rarely have time to hang out, and if they do see each other, it is often at events they're all attending.

Whilst talking to a magazine, the 'Bedroom Floor' singer revealed:

"I mean I speak about music, more than anyone, with Louis I'd say. Harry, I talk to him occasionally and we talk about old times. It's never really about music."

He's also previously said when they chat, it's usually a

Liam reveals he still has group chats with Harry and the 1D boys

Opening up about his time in the band now more than ever, Liam recently revealed he and the 1D boys still have various group chats they all message on, and he got adorable birthday messages from all of them when he recently turned 27!

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