Liam Payne Fans Think He Has A New Music Era Coming After Leaving A Trail Of Clues

29 September 2020, 14:13 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Liam Payne fans are convinced he's teasing a new music era
Liam Payne fans are convinced he's teasing a new music era. Picture: Twitter @LiamPayne/ PA

Liam Payne has made some subtle changes to his social media and fans are convinced he has a new music era on the way, so here's all the clues so far.

Liam Payne is the latest artist to have their fans convinced a new era on the way after leaving a trail of classic clues including a new photoshoot, a removed pinned tweet and a host of other details fans have been quick to pick up on.

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After a series of social media tweaks, fans have connected the dots and think the 'Strip That Down' singer could be clearing the way for new music announcements.

As one fan summed up well:

"His bio changed , he removed his pinned tweet , new photoshoot came out of nowhere this NEW LIAM PAYNE ERA get ready y'all."

His bio currently reads 'happy', which is pretty reflective of how the singer is right now, having recently become engaged to girlfriend Maya Henry as well as his son, Bear, starting school.

Could happy be a clue as to the theme, or even title of an upcoming track?

Liam Payne changes his Twitter bio to 'Happy'
Liam Payne changes his Twitter bio to 'Happy'. Picture: Twitter @LiamPayne

The 27-year-old has also popped up on the front cover of Spanish Esquire, which many have seen as a pretty fullproof clue to him making a musical return, as what else could he be promoting?

Just last week, Zayn switched his Spotify profile photo and header, only to drop his first solo music in two years with track, 'Better', on the Friday.

So, the seemingly small details of artists changing their header photos, bios, you name it, more often than not indicates there's music imminently incoming!

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