Lewis Capaldi: The 'Someone You Loved' Singer's Age, Nationality & Peter Capaldi Relation

22 March 2019, 16:18

Lewis Capaldi has shot to the top of the charts with 'Someone You Loved'
Lewis Capaldi has shot to the top of the charts with 'Someone You Loved'. Picture: Getty Images/Instagram

Singer songwriter Lewis Capaldi has shot to the top of the charts with his hit 'Someone You Loved' so how old is he, what relation does he have to Peter Capaldi and where is he from?

Lewis Capaldi has burst onto the music scene and soared to the top of the music charts with his enormous ballad 'Someone You Loved', so just who is the hot new singer on the scene, where is he from and is he in any way related to the actor Peter Capaldi?

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Where is Lewis Capaldi from?

Lewis was born in Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, and grew up in a small town just outside it, Bathgate.

He has Scottish and Italian ancestry.

How old is Lewis Capaldi?

Lewis is 22-years-old, with his birthday falling on 7 October (making him a Libra for those horoscope lovers out there) and he was born in Glasgow in 1996.

Who has Lewis Capaldi toured with?

Considering he's only 22, the list of enormous musicians he's toured with is pretty staggering.

Niall Horan invited him to support him on his Flicker World Tour and he joined Sam Smith on his Thrill Of It All European Tour, opening for 19 shows.

He has also created tracks with Grammy award-winning producer Malay, who has also worked with Frank Ocean and John Legend.

Is Lewis Capaldi related to Peter Capaldi?

Despite not knowing each other before, the pair are in fact related, and have since met at one of Lewis's shows!

60-year-old Peter Capaldi, known his his role in Doctor Who and The Thick Of It is second cousin once removed to the Scottish singer.

What is Lewis Capaldi's Instagram handle?

If you're not yet following Lewis, what on earth have you been doing with your life because he is absolutely hilarious, from posting spoof videos of his own song, to letting fans follow every part of his day, and we mean every part.

He's proven to be a hilarious and goofy guy online who then bursts into song with an amazing voice.

Is Lewis Capaldi in a relationship?

Ladies, gentlemen, you're in luck, our favourite Scottish singer is single and ready to mingle, and to see what kind of fun you're missing out on, head over to his social media accounts.

He dances, he sings, he plays guitar, and he eats a burger with a knife and fork.

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