Is TikTok Getting Taken Down? Everything You Need To Know

16 July 2020, 13:06

Is TikTok going to be banned? Everything you need to know
Is TikTok going to be banned? Everything you need to know. Picture: TikTok

Governments around the world are assessing whether or not to ban TikTok over fears of how the Chinese app is using people's data so, will the UK take TikTok down?

TikTok has been hitting the news in recent weeks as its future in many countries becomes uncertain due to concerns about the way the Chinese app is handling people's data.

The US have admitted they are looking into whether they will ban the app altogether, and India already has done, calling it a 'national security threat'.

So, will the UK follow suit?

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The app, which is used by more than 800 million people globally is Chinese video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based internet technology company.

TikTok has quickly become associated as the app of Gen Z, who have displayed their collective power through the app on a number of occasions, most recently by sabotaging a Trump rally by booking up tickets and not attending, and by leaving negative reviews on his app.

Some say this has some influence on him wanting to rid of the app, but there are also credible concerns about people's data being shared.

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The UK, US and Australia all have concerns about whether the company, ByteDance, is sharing people's data with the Chinese government.

TikTok withdrew from Hong Kong because of new Chinese national security laws cracking down on pro-democracy protestors.

This was the app's way of distancing itself from the Chinese government, however the way the app is run and how they use their data continues to remain vague.

So, although it doesn't appear the UK have any significant plans to ban the app, and even a ban in the US at least 'weeks' off, if ever, yes, in the future, TikTok could eventually be taken down.

For now, keep on making videos, who know what could happen!

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