Beyoncé’s Hair Colourist Explains Effect Of TikTok’s Viral Purple Shampoo Challenge

12 November 2019, 17:20

The latest TikTok trend sees teens trying to turn their hair blonde
The latest TikTok trend sees teens trying to turn their hair blonde. Picture: TikTok

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest viral trend, the purple shampoo challenge.

TikTok’s purple shampoo challenge is the latest craze on social media.

It popped off after a few users poured purple shampoo all over their hair, in an effort to turn their hair blonde.

But how big is the trend and does it work?

Let’s take a look…

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When did it start?

The trend was popularised by makeup artist, Abby Kovi - @makeupbyabbyk, after her clip received 2.8million likes.

Since then, social media has been taken over by teens trying out the hair trend, with some users even testing it out on their pets.

The purple shampoo challenge has taken over social media
The purple shampoo challenge has taken over social media. Picture: TikTok

How viral is the challenge?

There are currently over 70million views on the TikTok clips with the hashtags #PurpleShampoo and #PurpleShampooChallenge.

Does it work?

We’re sorry to break it to brunettes and red-heads, but it only works for blondes as it doesn’t actually contain a type of chemical which will dye your hair; it just brings out the yellow tones in blonde hair.

Beyoncé’s hair colourist, Rita Hazan, chimed in on the trend, saying overusing the product will only give you ‘dull, lifeless hair’.

In a report, she said: “[Purple shampoo] can help get rid of orange, brassy tones.”

She advised blondes to only use it once every two weeks to avoid ruining the colour.

“Too much purple shampoo can make coloured hair lose its brightness,” Rita added.

Capital spoke to Ricky Walters, the founder, owner and celeb hair stylist at Salon 64 in London, who said: "Purple shampoos' rise to fame in the last few years is certainly well deserved. It’s ideal for keeping cooler blondes ashy and keeping away unwanted warmth.

"It’s life changing! However a bottle placed in the wrong hands on the wrong hair can have devastating  effects and is strictly for those wanting to achieve an ashy result with no warmth."

Holly Parsons, the senior colourist at Salon 64, told us choosing the correct purple shampoo is just as important as choosing your regular shampoo.

She said: "I strongly advise to consult your colourist for the best professional brand for you. Choosing the wrong type may contain unnecessary chemicals that can leave your beautiful blonde looking very dry and brittle.

"What you should be doing is sourcing your shampoos from your salon. As a colourist my self, I advise my clients to use once a week or only when needed. If purple shampoo is over used it can start to over tone the hair leaving violet hues."

Where can I buy it?

With it being so popular, you can buy different brands of the hyped shampoo from pretty much anywhere.

Marie Claire shared a list of the best purple shampoos for every shade of blonde, with the cheapest being Provoke's Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo, costing only £3.99.

Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo
Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo. Picture: Marie Claire

What’s the alternative?

A cosmetologist, @mxddxgg, commented on the craze and explained why purple doesn’t work for other hair colours.

She said: “If you are going from a dark brown to a lighter colour, use a blue shampoo. If you have red hair you use green shampoo.”

We wonder how long it will take for the blue and green shampoo trends to take off!

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