8 Cheap Ways To Have A Wholesome AF Weekend

4 February 2019, 16:14 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

How to have the most wholesome A F weekend
How to have the most wholesome A F weekend. Picture: Instagram

On a scale of 1- a woodland walk with your family, how wholesome was your Sunday? You may need to get a little more in the zone, because people are on their A-game with the wholesome weekend's right now...

Everyone remembers #SundayFunday, perhaps you still keep the hash tag alive by showing off all of your boozy brunch weekend activities.

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However, you may need to update your vocab, because gone are the days of carrying the party on though out the weekend and to replace it are the most wholesome days you could possibly imagine, think baking, roasts, dog walks, ooh we're getting all cosy just thinking about it.

The country walk

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Country bumpkins ❤️

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A classic wholesome activity is made even moreso if you have a dog or two to trot along side your wellies as you stomp across fields, but as long as you're outdoors, wrapped up and moving, you're doing it!

Congrats, you're wholesome A F, even if you aren't as loved up as Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor, but all is well, a good old fashioned walk is a great way to meet people.

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it’s chilly fam

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Play board games

Taylor Swift is queen of the wholesome activitiy
Taylor Swift is queen of the wholesome activitiy. Picture: Instagram

Try taking a page out of one of the most wholesome people out there, Taylor Swift, who spends her free time playing scrabble with her mum and hanging out with her cats.

For Tay tay, every day is wholesome Sunday, that is, unless she's playing sold out stadiums on a World Tour, but you just know she can't wait to get back home to snuggle in front of the fire, and we respect that a lot.

Have a roast

A Sunday roast is a win win, because not only have you either cooked (well done), or, you've visited a pub for the great occasion, all of which is wholesome A F.

Even celebs like Lucky Mecklenburgh set aside their busy schedules to whack a massive Yorkshire on their plate and have a glass of red because honestly what else are you going to be spending your Sunday doing?!

Bake a cake

Perrie Edwards knows how to have a wholesome day
Perrie Edwards knows how to have a wholesome day. Picture: Instagram

Baking is a basic ingredient (excuse the pun) of a wholesome day, but as Perrie Edwards has decided to do, you can also just visit a seriously Instagram worthy café and let the cake roll on over to you.

Light, or just sit near someone else's fire

Kendall Jenner sits by her fire pit
Kendall Jenner sits by her fire pit. Picture: Instagram

We're NGL this isn't actually the cosiest looking fire we've ever seen in our lives, but we're really not in the position to start knocking a Kardashian-Jenner fire pit, so we won't.

Kendall here is showing exactly how to do a lazy day, mug, chunky knit, sofa and a fire, even if it is a much more glamorous take on your average #WholesomeSunday.

Watch films rated PG or below

Kris Jenner knows how to lounge, apparently.
Kris Jenner knows how to lounge, apparently. Picture: Instagram

Now, we're not entirely sure we believe Kris Jenner ever takes a second out of her day to lounge on a sofa, and definitely not in that outfit, but here is a fabulous example of how you should spent the majority of your wholesome day.

Lounging out, watching gentle movies, preferably Disney or a light hearted Netflix series, and also, if you've got a Kardashian sized home cinema, that would also come in handy for this activity. No? Oh, that's a shame.

Don't stop pampering... not even for a second

Zara Larsson knows all about some Sunday self care
Zara Larsson knows all about some Sunday self care. Picture: Instagram

It's time for that LUSH bath bomb you've been saving up since Christmas, because it definitely is not a wholesome day without some serious self care.

We're talking face masks, bubble baths (wine is of course allowed), candles, soothing music, the whole shebang, and if you want to go for a massage we totally won't judge. Treat yo'self.

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Rested and ready for you Milan 🛁💞

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Spend any other time in bed

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Meet our dogson his name is #Oscar

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You've eaten, you've walked, you've strolled around in your wellies all day and have done all your jobs for that dreaded Monday morning, so let's all do what Justin Bieber is so expertly demonstrating (albeit with the world's smallest puppy) and just get on into bed.

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