Summertime Ball 2012: Backstage Tour Of Dancers' Dressing Room - Video

9 June 2012, 14:21 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

The Summertime Ball is almost upon us so get all the latest backstage gossip here at Wembley Stadium.

Capital FM is keeping you up to date with all of the latest gossip and backstage buzz on the Summertime Ball today (9th June) with an exclusive look at the backing dancer's dressing room area.

Presenters Pandora and Emily Segal are backstage at Wembley Stadium this afternoon and are providing all the Summertime Ball fans with footage of everything going on at today's event.

Check out where the backing dancers of artists like Katy Perry and Usher will be getting ready to go out on stage later this evening, as part of a line-up also featuring artist like Justin Bieber, Flo Rida and Example.

Earlier today Pandora and Emily also had a backstage look at Jessie J's dressing room, as well as Lawson and The Wanted's own rooms ahead of the Summertime Ball 2012.

View Capital's backstage tour of the Summertime Ball at the dancers' dressing rooms below:

Capital FM is coming live from the Summertime Ball at London's Wembley Stadium on 9th June.

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