Taylor Swift Setting Up Selena Gomez With Support Act Austin Mahone?

30 June 2013, 09:50

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' star is said to be pushing her BFF towards "nice guy" Austin.

Taylor Swift is reportedly setting up close friend Selena Gomez with her tour support act Austin Mahone.

The '22' singer' is said to be getting the pair to hang out together in a bid to help the 'Come & Get It' star get over ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

"Taylor loves Austin," a source told Hollywood Life this week. "She thinks he's adorable and knows that Justin [Bieber] is threatened by him.

"Getting him to hang out with Selena was her idea," they revealed. "It's no secret she's not a fan of Justin anymore, so it seems pretty obvious why she'd want to push Austin and Selena together.

"Plus Austin is a nice guy, he's so genuine, what you see is what you get," the source added. "He doesn't party, he's humble and he's not taking any of this for granted."

Check out a snapshot of Taylor and Selena hanging out together two weeks ago below:

Reports emerged recently that Selena is "happy" Justin is moving on by allegedly dating model Jordan Ozuna, amid claims the pair were spotted kissing at a Las Vegas event.

Earlier this week Taylor opened up about how happy she has been to be accepted as a credible country music artist, saying it is one of the "happiest" aspects of her life.

Taylor Swift is currently touring North America with Austin Mahone and Ed Sheeran as her support acts.