Taylor Swift Thinks Heartbreak Can Be "So Beautiful": "You Need Music More"

7 July 2013, 09:45

The '22' singer explains she finds it gratifying to write music about her own experiences.

Taylor Swift says she thinks there is "Something beautiful" about heartbreak and feels writing about your lost loves can often help you move on.

The 'Everything Has Changed' singer, who is well known for opening up about her own love life through song, spoke about her feelings on being heartbroken in a brand new interview.

"I think when you're heartbroken you need music more than when you're not," Taylor revealed to Coffee Break this week. "There's something so beautiful about people who are heartbroken.

"They think about things more," the US star explained. "When you write a song about what you're thinking, there's such a gratification and it helps you move on."

Earlier this week the '22' singer say you only really think consciously about love when things are going bad in a relationship.

Check out a picture of Taylor Swift celebrating Independence Day below (Credit: Taylor Swift Blog):

Taylor Swift performed live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last night (6th July) on her 'Red' tour, while she shared pictures online with fans of her 4th of July celebrations.