The Actual Message Behind Taylor's 'Delicate' Video Means So Much More Than The Easter Eggs

12 March 2018, 12:17 | Updated: 15 March 2018, 10:18

Taylor Swift Easter Eggs Delicate Video

Yep, we all saw 'Joe's Cafe' in the background... but surely you got the message of entire video too right?

Taylor Swift is the QUEEN at sliding in secret Easter Eggs in her music videos (we're still finding new ones in 'Look What You Made Me Do) however it was the overriding message behind her latest video 'Delicate' that's got fans gushing over the 'Reputation' star once again.

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If you're as eagle-eyed as the Swifties you'd have spotted a couple of easter eggs upon first viewing, most notably the sign for 'Joe's Deli' - a sweet little nod to Taylor's boyfriend Joe Alwyn:


And of course those fans who have had 'Reputation' on since it was released, there was even an easter egg for the album's track listing:


However, whilst it's good fun finding these hidden messages in a mult-million-dollar production, most fans were more won over by the music video as a whole.

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As always, Taylor's fans are feeling the 'Delicate' music video in a BIG way and we 100% see why.

Let's never forget how sweet it was when Joe filmed Taylor at the #CapitalJBB last year...