WATCH: Selena Gomez Getting On It And Twerking To 'Work' On A Bar Table Is ALL Of Us!

We've all been there - shouting/slurring "THIS IS MY JAM" and raving to a Rihanna beat. If you haven't, you just don't remember it... Even Selena Gomez has been caught on camera!

It's Friday night. You're in the club, and have had one/seven too many shots. Suddenly, the DJ plays Rihanna's 'Work' and you can't help yourself from getting up on the nearest table and twerking to hundreds of people nearby.

Wait. You haven't done that? Oh, just Selena Gomez on that one then.

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While in a hotel in Texas, Selena had a few drinks and did what anyone would do - shock what her mama gave her to Rihanna's latest tune.

Selena Gomez London 2016

If you're not replaying this 13 seconds over and over again, you're wrong.

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