Rihanna Teases 'What Now' Music Video As She Prepares To End 'Diamonds' World Tour

11 November 2013, 13:29

The 'Pour It Up' singer will bring her lengthy tour to a close this coming weekend.

Rihanna has teased fans about the launch of her new 'What Now' music video after revealing footage for her next promo online.

The 'Stay' singer is preparing to round off her 'Diamonds' world tour at the end of this week, and revealed two new snippets on Twitter suggesting that her 'What Now' video will be a tribute to the tour.

Check out Rihanna's teaser for her upcoming 'What Now' music video below: 

Rihanna is set to release 'What Now' as the latest single from her 2012 album 'Unapologetic', and shared clips featuring her performing the song live on stage as part of the lengthy tour, which began back in early 2013.

Check out another teaser for Rihanna's 'What Now' video below:

"Just 2 words ya really need to know… WHAT (the p***k) NOW?!! #WHATNOW #VIDEOseason," Rihanna tweeted alongside the teasers. "#NAVY #WHATNOW video is dropping as soon as y'all are really READY for it."

Rihanna is set to close her 'Diamonds' world tour with a final performance this Friday (15th November) in New Orleans.