We Need To Talk About What TF Is Actually Going On With Rihanna's Little Finger

Rihanna's Wonky Little Finger

Quite frankly, literally NO-ONE can get on board with what they've just witnessed.

Remember those scenes from RiRi's 'Sledgehammer' video? She played an intergalactic space vixen with alien markings on her body with the ability to control beings with her mind. And yet this is probably the most trippy thing we've seen from here!

While performing at the MTV VMAs, the camera panned past Rihanna to reveal her hand in the air... AND THE DAMN WONKIEST PINKY WE HAVE EVER SEEN!

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We'll give you five minutes to sit back and attempt to do that with your hand. You just can't, can you?

It all started when someone took to Twitter to ask for an action replay of what she just saw; "Can someone please get ahold of a picture of Rihanna's broken ass pinky from the VMA's for me?"

At least the people of the Internet were there to console Rihanna.

Wow. So kind.

Much sympathy.

Many compliments.

Drake, you might have to 'Kiss It Better' for her. (You wouldn't believe how long it took us to come up with that one.)

Rihanna embraces Drake as she accepts the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music AwardsPic: PA Images

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