Whatever You Thought, This Video Will Prove To You Why Zayn Is AWESOME!

He's only 23 years old, but Zayn Malik seems to be living life to the fullest... And our little birthday present to him will show you EXACTLY what we mean!

WHY ARE WE STILL WAITING FOR SOLO MATERIAL, ZAYN?! It's been ages. Stop doing this to us. Fine, we'll let you have ONE day off of recording...

After all, it is your birthday!

> “Certain Phone Numbers Have Changed” Zayn Malik Gets Honest About Life After 1D

At the young age of 23, Zayn has pretty much tackled the world - he's been a part of the biggest boyband ever; dated some pretty huge (and pretty FIONE) girls, including his current bae, Gigi Hadid... And that's just the beginning of the fun he's had.

But rather than tell you, we thought we'd show you. So grab some cake, one of those funny, shiny party hats and celebrate Mr Malik's birthday with this incredible montage of his best moments!

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