A Club Put On A One Direction Night & Fans Are Getting Massive FOMO

25 June 2019, 15:27 | Updated: 25 June 2019, 15:30

One Direction fans want a 1D themed club night
One Direction fans want a 1D themed club night. Picture: Capital

One Direction fans are looking to make this 1D themed club night a regular thing after getting the biggest FOMO of their lives.

One Direction fans woke up to clips of a 1D night at a club in Hollywood that has got the entire fandom craving some time dancing the night away to 'That Makes You Beautiful'.

Granted, it may be all the way in California but from the fans' reactions, we get the feeling some would 100% be ready to jump on a plane for a night of Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn classics.

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One Direction club night in Hollywood
One Direction club night in Hollywood. Picture: Getty

Before we get to the Directioners reaction to what is undoubtedly the greatest club night on the planet... here's the actual footage of the event itself...

As you can see, the Avalon club in Hollywood was heaving with punters who were absolutely loving life. Here are just some of the reactions from 1D mega-fans who weren't there in person.

Most fans finally felt like there was a place they belonged...

People were willing to lose and organ or two to get entry to the club...

Others were ready to pitch the idea of a 1D night to clubs in their local areas...

However, it was a gif of Spongebob's Patrick that summed up the whole mood.