Twitter Has Proved That Harry Styles And ZAYN Are The Only Reasons To Live

ZAYN and Harry Styles "Reasons To Live"

As if you Directioners needed any more evidence that the likes of Harry and ZAYN are the meaning of life, Twitter has just confirmed it.

People often search Twitter for some pretty weird stuff - don't get us started on #susanalbumparty - so when we checked out "reasons to live" on the social network, we were expecting some pretty dodgy memes of text saying "Chase your dreams. Don't let your dreams chase you" in front of stock photos of waterfalls.

We weren't, however, expecting to find this... Although we probably should have.

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Reasons to Live on Twitter

When you search "reasons to live" on Twitter, the first two profiles that appear are none other than Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. And then when you click on show more, the further four profiles to appear are Liam, Louis, Niall and One Direction.

So in case someone else asks you what the meaning of life is, you know how to answer them.

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