One Direction's Fans Go Through Band's Rubbish, Says Olly Murs

1 August 2012, 16:46

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' star admits he was surprised by fans' level of dedication in America.

One Direction's fans are so "obsessed" with the group that they go through their rubbish, Olly Murs has revealed.

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' star recently completed a support tour in America with the fellow former The X Factor group, which saw them play together at venues across the country.

In an interview with the Metro, Olly said he loved meeting One Direction's fans, but was surprised by how dedicated they were.

"They were a little bit younger than I'm used to. My fans aren't as obsessed as theirs, mine are quite chilled," he said.

"The infatuation and just how much they fancy One Direction was crazy. I caught fans going through bins trying to find stuff the boys had chucked out. It was insane but the fans were brilliant to me. They knew my songs and sang along. It was good to go over there and showcase my music. It was really positive."

One Direction

Olly added that he enjoyed going on the road with One Direction and again praised their fans, calling them "great".

Meanwhile, the singer has explained why Rizzle Kicks were left of the US version of 'Heart Skips A Beat' in favour of the American hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang.