Olly Murs Led To Believe He's Injured Aston Marrygold In JLS' Human Cannonball Prank

10 October 2012, 15:40 | Updated: 10 October 2012, 15:51

The 'Troublemaker' singer is seen looking horrified after JLS' prank as part of a charity event this week.

Olly Murs was the victim of a cruel prank this week by his pop pals JLS are they led to him to believe he had caused band member Aston Merrgold to have a life threatening injury.

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' singer was led to believe he was hosting a simple interview with the 'Proud' four-piece as part of Channel 4's cancer research fundraiser Stand Up To Cancer earlier this week, during which he was supposed to fire Aston out of a human cannon onto a safe crash mat underneath.

However, as part of the prank Aston was seemingly fired too hard out of the cannon and overshot the mat, instead crashing into part of the staging nearby, and was seen being attended to by a group of paramedic for several minutes.

Olly Murs looked mortified before JLS inform him of their prank below (Credit: Tim Anderson):

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' star was pictured looking horrified as he watching Aston from a distance, before JLS revealed that it had in fact been a stuntman fired out of the cannon and that both he and Aston were completely unharmed.

Olly poses with JLS and the unharmed Aston Merrygold below (Credit: Tim Anderson):

"Just did an amazing prank with @ollyofficial and lots of JLSters!!" Marvin Humes tweeted after the event. "Absolutely hilarious! Can't wait for u all to see! Marv."

"Still recording, still shaking and still shocked!!" Olly also posted. "@JLSOfficial you got me proper today!!

Olly Murs is preparing to promote his brand new single 'Troublemaker' featuring Flo Rida, which is due out on 18th November, while his third album 'Right Place Right Time' will follow on 26th November.