Olly Murs Falls Over: "Robbie Williams Has Made Me Feel Better" - Audio

17 July 2012, 09:20 | Updated: 17 July 2012, 09:35

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' singer reveals he nearly broke his leg during shocking on stage accident.

Olly Murs has revealed that Robbie Williams has been helping him overcome falling over on stage at a recent gig.

The 'Heart Skips A Beat' singer took a tumble down a flight of stairs during his performance at Guilfest in Surrey at the weekend.

Speaking exclusively to Capital FM, Olly said he had been "caned" by his friends and family, who had enjoyed watching the video footage of him falling off stage.

"It was really funny because the guy who was filming had to cut it and I get to the microphone when the song finishes and I say, 'I bet someone has got this on video and it's going to be straight on YouTube'," Olly said.

"Then the next morning my management said they'd found it already, it's so funny. Then, literally for the last couple of days I've had every friend I know - my cousins, my uncles - everybody I know is killing me."

Watch the video of Olly Murs falling over:

Olly then revealed that Robbie had emailed him a link of him falling over on stage in an attempt to make the singer feel better.

"It was really funny because I was in last night and I got an email from Robbie [Williams]. And Robbie said, 'Just so you feel better about yourself'," Olly said.

"And he sent me a link of him falling over on stage at this massive show, live on TV, in front of 24 countries and 300 million people or something. I thought that was really sweet."

Listen to Olly Murs speaking about falling over on stage to Capital FM:

Olly Murs speaks to Capital about falling over on stage.

Although Olly has been mocked over the incident, he admitted that the footage fails to capture how serious it could have been.

"It was really, really wet, and I saw these people and I thought I'll go down and say hello to them. So I take one step, I take two steps and all of a sudden my leg just went," he said.

Olly Murs webchat on Capitalfm

"But for some reason it was quite a long drop and, you didn't see this, but my left leg got caught in the railings and then my right wrist wrapped around the thing and I just fell. Then you hear me say, 'I'm alive, it's alright'."

Olly added: "As I was falling I thought, 'I'm going to break my leg'."

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' singer returned to the UK this month after supporting One Direction on tour in America.