Olly Murs: Cheryl's wrong decision

X-Factor star Olly Murs reckons Cheryl was wrong to go Stateside.

Olly who was an X-Factor runner up in 2009 believes Cheryl still had plenty to offer the UK show which is now missing Dannii Minogue as well.

"I think she should have stayed in the UK…we will miss her more than America will like her. I think she will do well in America, she’s good looking but  I think she’s only really been on the UK show for 2 or 3 years. I think she should have stayed but
of course going to America is a massive. I’m proud of being British and proud of living in this country."

So come on Olly who could replace Cheryl? "Tough shoes to fill. Geri Halliwell would be very good, I think she’s got great experience. The problem is finding someone who done reality TV and had a successful career in the music industry."

Olly is currently on a solo tour and in the summer will be teaming up with JLS. That all means thousands of miles on a tour bus and Olly says that has its drawbacks, "It’s a bit of fun, nice sofa, beds upstars, an X-Box on it, it’s not the nicest smell in the world but there are 12 men on there!"

Olly who has just released his latest Busy is always looking forward and told us that he's got no set direction, "I’d love to, one day, be in an indie band, like Ordinary Boys. When I was growing up I wanted to be in an indie band or a really cool punkie band. I think that’s what really great about being a writer and get involved in song-writing being able to express yourself and that’s what happens on the second album. When you hear my new stuff you will be wow’s that a bit different…"

"The first album has gone double platinum, which I’m really happy about I wanted to hit a million records, in this current market it’s very very hard but I think you have to set yourself goals and I don’t want to settle for second best. I was second best on the X-Factor so I’m determined to do well and be successful, hopefully the second album will come out and do well…who knows."