John Mayer Was Left Speechless After Nicki Minaj Went Into Full On Flirt Mode With Him On Twitter

11 September 2017, 11:35

Nicki Minaj John Mayer Instagram

If they don't get together can we at least get a collaboration?!

As random pairings go, John Mayer and Nicki Minaj are definitely one of them. They've never collaborated, we don't think we've ever seen them in the same room and Nicki doesn't even follow John on social media (yup, John follows Nicki).

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So when John Mayer decided to tweet about the 'Anaconda' superstar (without tagging her btw) and whether she would like him or not, we were ALL a little surprised to see her actually reply to him!

However, it wasn't any ordinary reply, oh no. She replied with a reference to one of HIS songs...and a sexy one at that.

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Now, when a woman who looks like THIS, replies to you asking if her body would be your wonderland, we think the following tweet is the ONLY way you truly react:

Hats off to Mr.Mayer, that was THE perfect response! Now we wait for the moment they finally meet in real life!

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