Miley Cyrus Unveils 'Bangerz' World Tour Promotional Trailers - Video

13 November 2013, 10:29

The 'Wrecking Ball' singer reveals promo trailers fresh from confirming plans to bring her tour to the UK.

Miley Cyrus has unveiled a series of new teaser promos for her upcoming 2014 'Bangerz' tour.

The 'We Can't Stop' singer revealed the new trailers this week fresh from confirming her 38-date North American tour to launch in February next year.

Watch one of Miley Cyrus' new 'Bangerz' tour promos below:

The promos for Miley's 'Bangerz' tour feature the 'Wrecking Ball' singer dancing around with a group of friends as they twerk, pose with foam fingers and hold up stuffed teddy bears in homage to her past performances.

"Literally my whole life is revolving around this tour right now," Miley revealed to Ryan Seacrest earlier today (13th November). "I just want the whole arena to always have a vibe and it to be fun and be a totally different experience and nothing that's obviously traditional."

Check out another new 'Bangerz' tour promo below:

The US star joined Capital for an exclusive webchat earlier this week, with the full highlights now available to view online.

Miley also confirmed plans to Capital to bring her 'Bangerz' tour over to the UK sometime in 2014.

Miley Cyrus kicks off her 'Bangerz' tour with a show in Vancouver on 14th February.