Justin Bieber's Wink Makes Shoppers Feint In New Macy's Advert - Video

21 November 2012, 15:20 | Updated: 21 November 2012, 15:38

The 'Beauty And A Beat' singer is seen making people feint just by winking at them in a new advert.

Justin Bieber makes men, women and children feint just by looking at them in a brand new promotional trailer for Macy's department store.

The 'Boyfriend' singer is launching his Girlfriend fragrance with a special Black Friday offer at the end of this week (23rd November), and stars in a tongue in cheek advert which sees him developing strange superpowers.

The advert features Justin talking about the upcoming promotional with a number of Macy's store employees, who ask him to avoid doing his "wink, nod, smile" routine after what happened "last year".

The clip then shows a flashback of Justin winking at several different shoppers causing them to feint straight away, before then doing to same to his Macy's store helpers in the present day.

Check out a picture of Justin's 'wink, nod, smile' routine in the Macy's advert below:

Justin Bieber winking

Macy's has announced they will donate two dollars to the Make A Wish charity foundation for every purchase of Girlfriend this Friday, up to a total potential donation of $100,000.

This week Justin was seen opening up to Oprah Winfrey in a preview of his appearance on Oprah's Next Chapter, where he admits he sometimes gets "lonely" and "gloomy" and only has a handful of close friends.

Justin Bieber walked away with three awards in total at the American Music Awards 2012 last weekend including the coveted Artist Of The Year Award.

Watch Macy's new 'Wink, Nod, Smile' promo starring Justin Bieber below: