Justin Bieber Finishes Recording First 'Believe' Single

18 February 2012, 14:32 | Updated: 18 February 2012, 14:37

The 'Never Say Never' singer is almost ready to release the first single from his third album.

Justin Bieber has revealed he has almost finished recording his next single.

The 'Baby' singer is currently in the studio working on 'Believe', his third studio album following his 2011 festive record 'Under The Mistletoe' and 2010 debut 'My World 2.0'.

Justin has been working with producers including Darkchild and Timaland on the album, and says he has also been recording some guest features for other recording artists.

"In studio finishing this single," Justin tweeted last night (17th February). "Would write some of my lyrics here but don't want anymore people stealing them for songs. This be mine. Lol."

"Other than my album I did some cameos lately. Gonna make em dance," Justin teased.

The 17 year-old singer turns 18 earlier next month and admits he can't wait to celebrate his birthday. 

Justin added: "2 weeks until I turn 18. I grew up too. WE ARE GOING TO PARTY!"

Yesterday (17th February) Justin Bieber promised fans they would hear new music from him "very soon".