Justin Bieber's Mum Reveals: "Some People Think I'm His Sister"

9 July 2013, 14:29

The 'As Long As You Love Me' singer's mother Pattie Mallette opens up about her son's fame.

Justin Bieber's mum has revealed that people often mistakenly think she is the Canadian pop sensation's sister.

Pattie Mallette gave an interview to the Miami Herald yesterday (8th July) to discuss her life as a teenage mother to the the 19 year old Canadian singer. 

She praised Justin for giving back to the community as well as joking about her age by saying that, "Some people think I'm his sister, at least they tell me they do. I'll take it!"

When talking about his career she said that before Justin's meteoric rise to stardom there had been no expectations that he would end up with his current fame.

"We didn't go looking for all of this. He just went to a local singing competition and put his videos on YouTube and the whole thing kind of spiralled and opened doors," she explained. "Then I was just careful that we had good representation and good people around us. We took it one day at a time."

The 38 year-old said that she is "amazed and so proud of him" and mentioned that her favourite song of his is Turn to you', which Justin wrote for Mother's Day last year, describing it as "beautiful".

Check out one of the selfies Justin shared with his fans earlier this week below (Credit: Instagram):

Pattie also talked about her own fame resulting from the stardom of her son, revealing: "I have more than 2 million followers on Twitter who call me Mom".

Justin Bieber is currently taking his 'Believe' world tour across America while also readying a brand new single called 'Heartbreaker'.