WATCH: Jess Glynne's Mum Compares Her Daughter's Singing Voice To... A Goat!

17 August 2018, 07:54

Jess Glynne's mum probably said the one thing to her daughter than you SHOULDN'T say to a singer...

Jess Glynne is the champion of The Official Vodafone Big Top 40, having received more number ones than any other recording artist to date, so surely she's doing something right.

Just trying telling Jess' mum that, who apparently compares her voice to a farmyard animal's.

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Jess popped by to play her new anthem, 'All I Am', to Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay, and they wanted a few tips themselves on how to become champs of the chart.

Apparently, all you need is to sound like a goat. "My mum was like 'Well, yeah, some people do say you sound like a goat," said Jess, chatting about her vibrato.

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If goats did sound like you, Jess, we'd spend a lot more time at the farm. Just sayin'.