18 Tweets That Prove Ed Sheeran's 'x' Is The Best Release Of 2014

8 July 2014, 14:56

Ed Sheeran Press Shot 2014

If you've not had a listen to Ed Sheeran's new album 'x' yet, WHERE have you been? Here's the top 18 reasons why it is the best release of 2014 via the medium of Twitter.

Ed Sheeran's new album, 'x', is pretty much AMAZING. As well as breaking some serious records - it is the most streamed album EVER and it sold over a million copies in two weeks - we've yet to find anyone who doesn't LOVE it. The boy didn't get to number one in 65 countries for no reason, ya know! 

Here are our favourite tweets to sum up exactly why Ed Sheeran's 'x' is the best release of 2014: 

1. Ed's tweet in the first week of release, he definitely deserves to be on cloud nine!

2. He's also super humble about the whole thing. 

3. Ed Still buys his own albums at Asda, just like the rest of us. 

4. He takes the time out to thank the people that bought the album 

5. There are people walking around that look like the album and they don't even know it

6. His music is so good, it's addictive 

7. This guy loves Ed in all his redheaded glory 

8. We've also been wondering this… 

9. People have been promoting it with pizza

10. It's not original, but this lady DOES have great taste in music

11. It's even got the Harry Styles seal of approval 

12. Yep, it IS impossible to pick the best song. We're just going to give it one more listen before we try and decide… 

13. Albert Einstein, watch your back - there's a new genius in town!

14. Ed is the way to most people's hearts 

15. You should always wear the correct protective gear when listening 

16. There is a very real and present danger ALL the tears in your body may leak out while listening to the emosh songs

17. Even mini-Ed has got his copy

18.  The whole record is faultless

And that's just 18 reasons out of a million, we are off to listen to it for the 324849th time...