Ed Sheeran Explains Decision To Have Taylor Swift's 'Red' Title Tattooed On His Arm

1 November 2012, 09:20 | Updated: 1 November 2012, 09:47

The 'Drunk' singer says he knows supporting the star on her 'Red' tour will be a major event in his life.

Ed Sheeran says the reason he gets tattoos of the places he visits and projects he takes part in is so he has "landmarks" for all of the big events in his life.

The 'Lego House' singer has numerous tattoos on his arms representing all the countries he has performed in over the past year, and most recently showed off a tattoo of Taylor Swift's album title 'Red', fresh from the announcement that he will be supporting her on her 2013 'Red' North American tour.

"I get tattoos for landmarks," Ed explained to MTV News regarding his growing collection of body art. "When my album came out all around the world I got the world tattooed.

"If I'm going to be on tour with this album for six months, I thought that would be quite a big part of my life," he added.

Check out a picture of Ed Sheeran's tattoo in tribute to Taylor Swift's upcoming tour below (Credit: Twitter):

Ed collaborated with Taylor on a song called 'Everything Has Changed' from her new studio album, and recently admitted the US singer-songwriter has opened up a lot of doors for his career in recent months.

Ed Sheeran will join Taylor Swift on her 'Red' tour next year starting with a concert in Omaha, Nebraska on 13th March.