Ed Sheeran: "I Nearly Stabbed Taylor Swift With A Lord Of The Rings Sword"

30 March 2013, 09:52

The 'Lego House' star relives the incident which nearly ended in disaster.

Ed Sheran has confessed that he once accidentally nearly stabbed Taylor Swift with a special Lord Of The Rings sword.

The 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You' star recalled the incident to MTV News and said he had the special item shipped in and took it onto the country star's private jet.

"It's like a real sword," he declared. "I got it shipped over, shipped over to Omaha, so I was bringing it back to Nashville and I think [Taylor] and her crew were weirded out by it anyway. They were just like, 'Why does Ed have a sword?'"

The British star begins showing the movement of the plane ascending and the event which followed.

"The plane is kind of taking off and [the sword] started sliding down and I was like, 'No!' It was just about to impale Taylor."

No one was harmed during the flight and Ed has also been talking about spending time off stage with the singer's dancers.

"You need to start going out with dancers because they turn every situation into an episode of Glee. It's incredible," he added. 

Check out a picture of Ed with his sword and Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson below:

"You're just there and you kind of walk in and suddenly it's strike a pose on the table and then do this kind of dance, and there's like one girl who's grinding up against this old harmonica player and they're all doing these dances."

The pair are currently on tour together in North America and were seen this week struggling to keep in time with one another during a duet of the song 'Everything Has Changed'.

Ed revealed how his ear-piece had fallen out and he couldn't hear what was going on.